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Kalijah Wayne Wins Best New Launching Artist at the Fox Music USA Awards in Miami, United States

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Kalijah Wayne is a new upcoming Pop artist in the world of the music industry and world famous streamer and content creator for the app Uplive. With already 2 awards of being the best new launching artist in the European Music Awards in Italy, and also the Fox Music Awards in Miami, Kalijah is on the break of world wide success as he prepares to launch his first debut single “Be Free”. We are happy to have Kalijah with us for an exclusive look into what his next plans are for his career.

Thank you so much for being here with us today Kalijah. 
Kalijah: Thank you for having me, its such an honor to be interviewed by Pop Star.
So tell us Kalijah, 2 Awards and a debut single launch called “Be Free”. How does it feel to break into the world of music?
Kalijah: It is honestly a dream come true and I still have so much growing to do. My life has always been filled with the wonders of music and I feel so blessed that I can spend each day streaming and doing what I love.
Wow I can only imagine what you are feeling. Tell us a little more about what you do streaming wise.
Kalijah: “Well I am a musical broadcaster on this app called Uplive where I have accumulated over 80 thousand followers world wide in different countries. Uplive is a platform for aspiring influencers to live stream from their mobile device and interact with people from all over the world. With over 10 million active users daily Uplive provides a huge platform base for new artist, such as myself, to increase their following and get their voice heard.”
That sounds like such an amazing opportunity for people to get on board with! So your debut single is called “Be Free” tell us more about what inspired the meaning behind the song and title. 
Kalijah: “Well throughout my teenage years I always found myself investing my time into situations that always led me to contemplate a lot of things. I felt trapped in between choices of not knowing which direction to go. At the same time of going through these situations I was always being told what I couldn’t do because of being so young. So hence the title “Be Free” came into my head and I wrote the song to be an anthem for people who feel trapped in specific moments in their life. I want them to know they can look past the bad and focus on the great aspect of being young and being free to do whatever it is they want to in this world because life is too short and each breathe of life is a blessing.”
What an awesome mentality to have for such a young man. we here at Pop Star wish you nothing but the best of luck to your future endeavors and may your life be flourished with success!
Kalijah: Thank you so much it has been an honor to speak with you.
There you have it! Kalijah Wayne, two time award winning new launching artist from Hollywood, CA. Please be sure to follow all of Kalijah’s social media @kalijahwayne and of course be sure to download and check out Uplive! Available on both Apple Store and Google Play
Link will be posted below!

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